The Bad and good Things Of Self Publishing

There are a lot of people out there that are choosing not to take their writing to a publisher. Given that they already have chose to do it on their own. Either of these two options, both have some good and bad sides. We will further point out those sides of the coins in this article.


This is one thing that sticks out to many people once they take into account publishing things on their own. Because you are the only decision-maker of your works, you are the only person who knows what should be its cost. This maybe great in certain ways but not ideal in lots of ways as you do it have the experience of a publishing house. You may arranged the price high or too low which could not be reasonable to readers. Still, as you want complete control of everything, this is good.


Authors should take this concern really seriously when self-publishing. The works of the writers are proofread by editors before publishers make the written piece is published. You may think you can do a better job of checking out your own works but at times we usually neglect minor mistakes. Though you are a proficient writer already, you will be mistakenly judged as a newbie if your readers can see these mistakes.


For a lot of people the entire point of writing is to get money. The better exchange for the hard work you did is getting compensated. The usual share from the total sales of the books is around 6-25%. This is what you will get if you work with a traditional publisher. This is a small amount given that you are the one that needs to do the bulk of the work. But in self-publishing, all positive aspects go to you only. However, you need to shoulder also all of the expenses in having your works published. This is the disadvantage part.


The promotion aspect is done exclusively by the publisher. This makes you unable to help market your works. You will not be able to make any difference of generating more sales since they are the one carrying out all the works. Your previous understanding, as stated above, the publisher is earning much out of the works you did but contrary to that, the publisher is actually helping you accomplish your goal of getting much compared to carrying it out by yourself.

What way should you take? Publisher or perhaps self-publication? Thatís a tough job to decide. You may come to think that self-publishing is working just like a boss with no one to order you but at some point, working with a team is going to give you all the assistance you need. All of the aspects mentioned are extremely important to consider, think hard to every one of them and decide which of them could benefit you.