Some Tips For Self-Publishing Authors

The unemployment rate is rising worldwide, making it necessary for individuals to find methods of earning cash through other avenues. One avenue is the option of writing and publishing e-books in subjects which you show an interest and are knowledgeable about. Yet, self-publishing the book can sometimes be more complex than writing the book. Below are some tips to guide future self-publishing authors on their journey from writer to published writer.

Is an ISBN number important?

For those who are not aware of what an ISBN number is, it is that number underneath the barcode seen on the book cover. This is generally necessary if you are planning on selling your book through a large retail source, such as Amazon.com. However, if the retail source is an independent book store or you are selling via your own website then the ISBN barcode is not always required. It is recommended that you leave a space on your book design for a barcode if you do plan on selling the book at a larger store in the future. Always be prepared.

Where can I attain an ISBN number?

There are different online websites where you can obtain ISBN numbers and barcodes, some more reliable than others. It is vital you do your research and discover which is the most suitable for your needs. If you are considering an ISBN number it is recommended that you order one several months before publication as delivery time may be uncertain.

Is copyright important?

Copyrighting is important for any writer irrespective of whether the content is a college assignment or epic novel. It is essential that you protect the subject matter you spent hours creating.

Is copyright possible without an attorney?

Copyrighting material is possible without an attorney, but it is recommended that you use an attorney if your budget allows it. While the paperwork for copyright is self-explanatory, hiring an attorney to manage the details can provide self-publishing authors with an extra sense of security. Copyright documentation can be found online.

How many books should I produce?

If this is your first time publishing, it is advised you produce and sell the book in small quantities. Firstly, you will be able to sell more copies in smaller quantities as an unknown author; furthermore, new authors generally have more spelling and grammar mistakes in their first book. If producing in small quantities you will have only a few poorly edited editions sold and can make adjustments to the next run.

Is the book cover design important?

The book cover design is an extremely important aspect to consider. It is the cover that draws a reader’s attention making it the initial point of judgement. The book may be poorly written, but with a commercially marketable cover it can sell greater amounts than a well-written book with a poor cover.

Is marketing the book important?

While writing the book and designing the cover may be difficult, it is only through marketing that self-publishing authors see all that work being recognized. In the beginning, the art of guerrilla marketing is the most successful form of publishing. By communicating with various retailers and local radio shows, you will more than likely catch the eye of a publishing houses and potential readers.

In conclusion, self-publishing a book can be complex; however, if you follow the correct path it can be highly successful.

Choosing The Best Self Publishing Companies

Many people dream of becoming published writers and seeing their names in print, but breaking in to the publishing game can be tricky. More and more writers are choosing self publishing as a viable alternative. No longer is this just an approach for vanity presses.

With the best self publishing companies, you can reach an audience of millions of readers. There are many writers out there who have become very successful by choosing to self publish their books. Once you know how to get started, you can follow their lead and publish your own book with ease.